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Print head Series >> mimaki dx5 printhead

Mimaki dx5 printhead

Printing Type: Inkjet Printe


name: mimaki dx5 printhead

suit:eco solvent printer

Compatible printer:
Compatible printer: Aleph TXB 160S, MimakiJV5 (JV5-130 JV5-130S / JV5-160 / JV5-160S / JV5-250 / JV5-260S / JV5-320 JV5-320DS / JV5-320S ), Mimaki JV33(Mimaki JV33-130 / JV33-160 JV33-260), Mimaki CJV30(CJV30-100 / CJV30-130 / CJV30-160 CJV30-60 / CJV30-100BS CJV30-130BS / CJV30-160BS / CJV30-60BS) Mimaki TS5-1600/ TPC-1000

Product Description

4 pieces free shipping!!!Original Green connector Jv33 Jv5 CJV30 mimaki dx5 printhead

Product Name:mimaki dx5 printhead

Place of Origin:Japan

Printing Type:Eco solvent printer

Use for:Mimaki Roland Mutoh Galaxy,etc printers

Number of Nozzles:1440

Nozzle Array:180 nozzles x 8 column

Suitable Printers:

Mimaki Series Printers:Mimaki Jv33 130/160/CJV-130 Jv5 130S/160S/260S/320S

Mutoh series Printers:Valuejetjet 1204/1214/1304/1314 Valuejet 1604/1614/1618/2216 Valuejet 1624/1638

Made in China Printers:Allwin180S/250S/320S Galaxy UD161LA/181LA//211LA/2512LA etc GongzhengV1801S/1802S/A1801S/1802S/2602S Wit-color,Micolor,Aprint/Astarjet,etc

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